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Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing Machine

10CBM Slurry Paver / Micro-surfacing Paver

Aggregate bin capacity - 10CBM
Description Main Technical Parameters Performance Advantages
Slurry paver is mainly applied to treat the pavement diseases like friction resistance reduction, cracks and ruts for improving its performances of anti-slide and waterproofing, evenness and traveling comfort. This equipment can be widely used in construction of slurry sealing, modified slurry sealing and micro surfacing.
Product Model BNXF1035
Auxiliary Engine Power 70kw/2400rpm, turbo-charged
Aggregates Hopper Volume 10m3
Emulsion Tank Volume 3.5 m3
Water Tank Volume 3.5 m3
Additive Tank Volume 400L
Filler Tank Volume 2×0.5 m3
Max. Discharging Volume of Mixer 3.5T/min
Min. Vehicle Speed 1 km/h
Paving Depth 3 - 15 mm
Width of Paving Tank 2.5 - 4.3 m, adjustable width
  1. The chassis is equipped with two speed gear box which realizes a perfect combination of travelling at high gear and construction at low gear.
  2. Key parts are all famous international brands so as to guarantee reliability and stability.
  3. Asphalt to aggregates ratio can be proportioned follow up precisely and automatically.
  4. The discharging volume can be regulated freely according to the travelling speed in construction.
  5. The maximum mixing volume of 3.5t/min fits for different width, depth and technologies of construction.
  6. It is featured by integrated control, a complete system of display and alarm, humanized design and easy operation.
  7. Optimized paving box offers strong guaranty to the construction quality and prolongs its service life.