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Asphalt Production Equipment

Asphalt Rubber Plant

BNXL Series asphalt rubber plant is used to produce rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC). Rubberized asphalt is a special pavement material consisting of approximately 75-80 percent regular asphalt with 20 percent (+/-2%) crumb rubber made from scrap tires.
Description Technical Parameters Main Characteristics & Advantages
BNXL3515 asphalt rubber plant is a type of special equipment to produce asphalt rubber. This equipment is mainly consisted of rubber powder conveying device, heating system, fast heating-up device of base asphalt, asphalt metering pumping system, high speed shearing and mixing device, mixtures reaction device and automatic control system. 

Rubber powder measuring and conveying device: screw conveyor and continuous batcher with advantages of convenience to move and high working efficiency.

Heating system: consisted of burner, heat oil, heat oil pump and heat exchanger, fast heating speed ensures enough heat and proper temperature for the mixtures reaction device and fast heating-up device of base asphalt.
Fast heating-up device of base asphalt: including two groups of high-efficiency heat exchanger of large area, realizing the continuously and closed fast heating-up of base asphalt for the purpose of avoiding asphalt aging at the to the most extent.

Asphalt metering and pumping device: consisted of asphalt pump, pipeline metering device and drive device, which will pump asphalt out of or into the tank, and realize asphalt circulation in the reaction tank.

High speed shearing and mixing device: special high-speed rotary cutting and mixing device, pre-mixes the base asphalt and rubber powder evenly.

Mixtures reaction device: consisted of tank and mixing device, in which homogeneous swelling reaction of base asphalt and rubber powder appears; the special thermal insulation technique of tank especially ensures appropriate temperature of asphalt required by the swelling reaction.

Automatic control system: consisted of PLC, asphalt and rubber powder flow sensor, temperature sensor and transducer.

  1. BNX3515 asphalt rubber plant is independently developed by our company with our own inNBtellectual property rights and several national patents, which is away from property right dispute.
  2. Fast heating-up device of large area speeds up the heat exchange which heating the asphalt for 45-65 degrees at the flow rate of 20t/h to avoid asphalt aging and make full use of heat and reduce production costs.
  3. Flow meter is applied to measure the asphalt flow accurately. Rubber metering device measures the rubber powder amount accurately to keep the precision less than 0.1%.
  4. Patented high-speed rotary cutting technology by ourselves, which realizes rotary speed of 2900rpm only at home with high cutting efficiency, makes for the mixing process and storage of rubber modified asphalt and scatters the aggregates.
  5. Horizontal shaft mixer is used to distribute the rubber powder in the binders to stabilize the binders’ technical data in favor of mixing rubber powder and asphalt well.
  6. Specially-made nozzle of imported burner of large power makes the flame angle more appropriate, which is energy-saving and noise-canceling. Fast heating speed and sound heat-insulating property benefit the process reaction of rubber modified asphalt.
  7. Safe and fast HTF heating system with high heating efficiency of 10-15℃/ h shortens warm-up and standby time to reduce auxiliary production time.
  8. Sound thermal insulation layer keeps static thermal insulation index at less than 12℃/8 hours.
  9. Stainless steel board packing is corrosion resistant and durable. Iron boards with anti-corrosion treatment inside at low costs are generally adopted by other manufacturers at home.