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Chip Sealing Equipment

BNTB0812X Fiber Chip Sealer

Fiber+Asphalt+Aggregate in one machine
Asphalt tank    - 8000L
Aggregate bin - 12CBM
Description Specifications Performance
Synchronous fiber chip seal technology is mainly applied in road surface, bridge waterproofing and lower seal coat constructions. In this process, asphalt binders spray is going on with fibers and aggregated spreading synchronously to make full contact between binders, fibers and aggregates to perform maximum cohesive property.
Fiber chip seal technology is to use fiber seal equipment to synchronously spread asphalt binders and glass fibers, and then spread aggregates to be rolled to form the new wearing layer or stress-absorbing interlayers. The layer structure is a dense connective mat structure with one layer of asphalt, one layer of fiber, second layer of asphalt and one layer aggregates.
BNTB0814X fiber chip sealer contains 28 rolls of glass fiber, 8000 liters of asphalt and 12 cubic meters of aggregates. It could spread about 5m3 of aggregates without lifting the hopper under low construction height with uniform and stable performance and economic costs. Strong stirring device in asphalt tank drives asphalt in even movement in the tank to improve the heat exchanging rate and working efficiency.
Model BNTB0812X
Spray width 200-4000mm
Asphalt spray volume 0.2-3.0kg/m2 (asphalt only);
0.5-3.0kg/m2 (asphalt with aggregates)
Aggregates size 3-25mm
Asphalt tank capacity 8m3
Aggregates hopper capacity 12m3
Heater imported RIELLO heater
Spray medium Base asphalt, modified asphalt, cutback asphalt, emulsion
Length of fiber 30/60/120mm
Fiber-spray volume 30-90g/m2

  1. Two imported RIELLO burner with high heating efficiency and speed have auto ignition system and auto temperature control system to realize stable and safe operation.
  2. Aggregates are delivered by conveyor belt to distribution board, which is more stable and reliable.
  3. Screw distribution board could spread the aggregates much evenly, meeting the requirements of road surface coating and fine protection layer construction.
  4. Asphalt + fiber + asphalt + aggregate, 4 steps can be performed together or combined with each other freely. The machine can be applied in working of waterproof layer of bridge deck, stablized aggregate layer, SAMI, tack coat, prime coat and surfacing coat.
  5. Each asphalt nozzle is controlled independently and precisely. The asphalt spray could be started as soon as the truck starts moving.
  6. Equipped with independent Cummins engine to drive hydralic power system is stable and reliable.
  7. Both manual and auto operation modes keep the machine in working states with standby system. There are also real-time monitor and HD camera to improve working convenience.