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Slurry Seal/Micro Surfacing Machine

12CBM Fiber Slurry Seal / Micro Surfacing Paver

Item No.: 00115
Slurry seal with glass fiber
Aggregate tank capacity - 12 CBM
Description Specifications
Intelligent fiber slurry paver is mainly applied to treat the pavement diseases like friction resistance reduction, cracks and ruts for improving its performances of anti-slide and waterproofing, evenness and traveling comfort. This equipment can be widely used in construction of slurry sealing, modified slurry sealing and micro surfacing. Additional glass fiber in slurry mixture makes its structure stronger.

*Glass fiber is mixed into slurry mixture to enforce its stability and structure.

Model BNXF1235X
Auxiliary Engine Power 110kw/2300rpm
Aggregates Hopper Volume 12 m3
Emulsion Tank Volume 4 m3
Water Tank Volume 4 m3
Additive Tank Volume 600L
Filler Tank Volume 2×0.5 m3
Max. Discharging Volume of Mixer 3.5T/min
Min. Vehicle Speed 2 km/h
Paving Depth 3 - 15 mm
Width of Paving Tank 2.5 - 4.3 m, adjustable width
*Suggestive Fiber Dose                                             0.1%-0.25%
*Cutted Fiber Length                                                  12/24mm