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Chip Sealing Equipment

Synchronous Chip Sealer

Item No.: 00098
Asphalt Tank  - 8000L
Aggregate Bin - 12CBM
Description Specifications Performance
BNTB0812 synchronous chip sealer is applied in chip seal construction of motorway surface, waterproof interlayer of bridge deck, lower seal coat. Aggregates are delivered to spreader with self-gravity by tipping the hopper; sepecial distribution device could fulfill the requirements of surface coating and anti-skiding layer construction. The whole working process is automatically controlled by PLC to spread binders and aggregates synchronously and uniformly.
Model: BNTB0812
Spray Width: 200 - 3800mm
Asphalt Spray Volume: 0.5 - 3.0kg/m2
Aggregates Size: 3 - 25mm
Asphalt Tank Capacity: 8m3
Hopper Capacity: 12m3
Heating mode: Imported Burner
Spray Media: Base bitumen, modified bitumen, cutback bitumen, emulsified bitumen
  1. Large asphalt tank and aggregate hopper are combined as a super-efficient equipment. Aggregates are delivered to spreader with self-gravity by tipping the hopper; sepecial distribution device could spread the pre-heated and pre-coated aggregates and make them distribute evenly. It can work at the road curves, under bridges and in mountainous area.
  2. It is equipped with auxiliary generator and full power PTO. Every system is controlled independently with high-automation. Computer can precisely calculate asphalt spray amount.
  3. Sound insulation layer of anti-corrosion and durability keeps insulation index no more than 20℃/8h.
  4. It realizes spray as soon as the truck starting with stable performance and uniform spray. Asphalt and aggregates spreading width can be regulated freely. Each nozzle is seperately controlled.
  5. Humanized operation of both remote control and site operation, which offers great convenience to the operator.
  6. This equipment of stable performance and easy operation has been improved several times in engineering constructions.